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Unlock your fullest potential. Empower yourself by tapping into your own core values and implementing a series of tools to propel you forward in your career, personal relationships, and personal growth. Experience personal development through TurningLeaf Seminars, Workshops and Life Coaching, and witness your life transform as you discover your own ability to shift the direction of your life.


TurningLeaf Seminars will take you through experiential challenges and reflective processes that teach you how to rid yourself of unnecessary pain, fear, and negative emotions.

You will learn how to see yourself differently and as a result, you will experience a greater capacity to pursue and achieve your goals and dreams. Oftentimes the parts of ourselves that seem to tear us down are actually tools we are misusing. They are tools we have allowed to become weapons. These seminars teach you how to turn these weapons into some of your greatest strengths.

Level One “Wakening” – 3 days

Explore your relationship with the world and how the world has impacted you – and continues to impact you every day. In the Wakening seminar, you will learn how to honor your own truth, redeem your value and heal relationships that have diminished. Learn how to focus on deriving your worth from within and removing unhealthy dependencies on things and people outside of yourself so you can live from a place of clarity, confidence and value. This seminar is designed to help you strengthen your inner beliefs and identity without relying on the world around you to define you. When we release our attachment to the way our friends, family or peers view and define us, we release insecurity, experience emotional growth and gain clarity. We are then free and empowered to deepen our relationships with others by implementing healthy boundaries and engaging in positive, productive communication.

Level Two “Discernment” – 3 days

Sharpen one of the most valuable tools you possess: your discernment. Discernment is a powerful emotion that arms you with the clarity to know the difference between what is true and what is false. Discerning between what is true and false allows you to understand the truth about yourself – and dispel the myths you may have decided about yourself in the past. The Discernment seminar allows you a safe place to explore your internal beliefs and remove the blocks, or false beliefs, discovered in the Wakening seminar. Learn how to challenge and release these belief systems that have held you hostage. By challenging beliefs that you know to be untrue, you are no longer motivated by unnecessary fears – and you are free to express yourself from a place of truth, confidence and inner strength.

Level Three “Balance” – 2 days

Through the Balance seminar, you will explore the difference between healthy fear and unhealthy fear. We all experience fear in our lives – healthy fear serves to keep us safe and motivates us to avoid danger. Unhealthy fear, however, has the influence to immobilize us and hinder us from taking action to meet our goals. In order to remove this unhealthy fear, it is imperative that we challenge our fears and discern whether they are valid or unhealthy. Only then can we experience balance in our lives. The Balance seminar arms you with the tools and process to challenge these fears, release those that are unhealthy and liberate yourself from the shackles that have held you in a place of fear for so long – so you can celebrate the successes in life.

Level Four “Empowerment” – 2 days

Empowerment comes when we learn how to respond to our environment rather than react. Every day we are influenced by emotional memories. These subtle prompts maybe sound, sights or even smells – all of which can trigger an emotional response that is out of our control. Become aware of these emotional triggers and their ability to affect the way you feel, bring you back to a past emotion and hinder your current emotional growth. Through the Empowerment seminar, you will learn a process to become aware, disconnect from false beliefs and reconnect to the truth so you become the master of your emotions. This process allows you to choose how you want to feel today and every day. Empower yourself to create powerful relationships, achieve your goals and experience joy in everyday experiences.



Self-confidence is often the key to moving forward in all areas of life. Without self-confidence, you are never brave enough to take the risks needed to step away from your comfort zone and risk going into a new venture, new place or to be with new people. It is by investing in and being invigorated by the new ideas, ventures or places that we continually add to our store of knowledge and experience and thus enhance our self-confidence. In this workshop, you will gain the tools to recognize the ways to find or regain confidence in all areas of your life in 4 steps.

Coping Skills

Have you ever noticed that it is easier to find things outside of ourselves to disconnect rather than having the internal skills to connect? When faced with confrontation, conflict, disappointment, stress, etc, we look outside of ourselves to numb out, disconnect or to avoid the discomfort. That comes from the fact that we often times have not developed the coping skills we need to feel better. Because we become so overly focused on the external sources of our discomfort, we look to external sources to bring us comfort. This workshop identifies coping skills that every human being needs to deal with everyday living. We become more grounded and comfortable within ourselves as we learn to be self-reliant. The ability to find resolution through coping skills gives us more control over our lives and makes it easier to navigate through difficult times.


The foundation of every strong relationship is communication. Communicating clearly and respectfully is essential if your goal is to build productive, open relationships with those in your life. Learn how to share your needs with others, listen without judgment and collaborate on shared ideas. Identify, create and enforce healthy boundaries in your personal and business relationships – and learn how to communicate them in ways others understand and respect. Experience the freedom of knowing you can share your concerns, collaborate and reach a deeper level of understanding in all of your relationships. Start improving your relationships right away.

Understanding Relationships

Understand the dynamics of relationships. We will learn new skills to recognize the responsibilities of a relationship vs. the energy you are putting in. We will address why relationships develop the way they do; work to understand the roles in relationships, what causes us to enable vs. what causes us to be enabled and what breaks down communication. This workshop is designed to address all relationships in our lives. Spouses, Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Dating, Siblings, Co-workers, etc.. When we learn to overcome our fears and allow ourselves to be who we truly are, relationships offer a great potential for healing and growing.


Mindfulness is an integrative mind-body approach to life that helps people relate effectively to their experiences. It involves paying attention to thoughts, feelings, and body sensations In a way that can increase awareness of the present moment and create space for making wise choices. This workshop will introduce you to principles of living mindfully and let you experience some basic practices to help you cultivate mindfulness in daily living. We will also explore what self-compassion is and how it can be a powerful tool for enhancing well-being.

Intuitive Eating

SAY GOODBYE TO DIETS! Join us for a 5-week course on Intuitive Eating and Energy Work. We look forward to helping you make peace with food, your body and yourself while finding vibrant physical, emotional and mental health. Registered Dietitian, Emily Fonnesbeck, and Energy Facilitator Life Coach, Teri Iverson are teaming up to bring you real answers to your food and body image struggles. This course runs once a month on a Friday evening, for five months. Two principles of Intuitive Eating will be taught at each workshop along with group discussions about hurdles that may stand in your way. Learn how to overcome food anxiety, lack of self-trust, fear of letting go of the diet mentality and how to intuitively know what your body needs and wants in order to facilitate self-trust, confidence and eating competence. We would love you to join us for all five sessions, but feel free to join us at any time. We are offering an introductory offer of $30 per session or $125 for all five sessions – which we believe is a KILLER deal. This workshop series is limited to 12 SEATS ONLY and will be based on registration on a first come basis. Don’t wait, register today!

Fitness & Emotions

A healthy lifestyle not only helps to keep the disease at bay, it also helps to keep balance with our emotions. Unfortunately, exercise is often overcomplicated leaving many feeling as if they don’t have the time or knowledge to implement it in their lives. It is also common that people mistake health with how they look and not how they feel. In this workshop, you will learn how to simplify exercise as well as give it the value it needs to become a necessary and beneficial part of your day. Most importantly, we will cover how it will improve your emotional well-being.

Nutrition & Mental Health

Nutrition is essential for our mental health. We will help you to identify patterns in thinking that may affect food choices as well as how particular food choices can boost brain health. Rigid or chaotic thinking can lead to rigid or chaotic behaviors with food and this workshop is designed to help you create a flexible structure in order to nourish your body and mind. Learn what nutrients can increase neurotransmitter production and overall brain function and how digestive health can impact how you think.


Trauma can be described as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Without even knowing it, we experience trauma at some point in our lives. The impact of trauma can affect us as individuals but also the experiences can be passed on through many generations unconsciously. This workshop, specifically designed around an understanding of Trauma, provides an overview of the way trauma impacts us at a physical, psychological and an emotional level.

Stress Management

The stress management workshop is about learning your individual causes of stress. It is about learning how various methods of stress reduction can reduce your stress and in some cases prolong lives. In this workshop, you will gain a measurement of your current stress level and be able to find ways to reduce or eliminate your stress. You will also be able to understand how your body reacts under stress and then find ways for you to daily monitor your stress levels and to reduce your stress.


As we start to get clearer about what we want in our lives, we need to let go of what can keep us stuck. Energy work is a tool to release the blocks that may be holding us back. It can greatly improve your mental and emotional health, reactions to life’s situations, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that affect your wellness on every level. It can enhance the work we are doing on ourselves or can be effective on its own. In this workshop, we will talk a little about what energy is, and how we can use it to move forward in our lives and live more fully. We will then do an actual group energy session. Each person can bring one issue to clear. Each individual issue brought forward can clear in each of us, we are stronger, and move forward more powerfully together.

Teen Leadership Workshop

This workshop provides tools for teens to overcome life challenges and gives them the inner strength to develop self-confidence to lead themselves into healthy relationships with others around them. Teens will be empowered to find qualities that are within themselves which they can’t see while allowing them to express talents they don’t know they possess. They will find an environment that is conducive for learning and expression. These workshops are team building in nature. They include activities which bring out conversations and analogies based on what they have experienced and involve where they may be avoiding. Through these workshops, teens will find blocks which have been holding them back in a FUN way that keeps everyone involved and everyone engaged.