TurningLeaf Wellness Center's Staff

Ginger Sorensen

Ginger Sorensen

COO / General Manager

Ginger's strong management background and positive, optimistic attitude keep TurningLeaf organized. Her passion and beliefs in the TurningLeaf mission keep her dedicated to helping the Center grow. Over the years Ginger has watched clients come to TurningLeaf with heavy hearts and struggles, transform their lives for the better, and continue on with hope and joy. Ginger started working at TurningLeaf in 2005 and became an owner in 2014. Contact Ginger here with any questions or concerns

Ginger was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Southern Utah in 2005. A compassionate person, Ginger has been involved with the Southern Utah Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) & a variety of local community projects. She spends her free time with her Husband, 1 year old daughter and friends rock climbing and hiking in Zion National Park.

Anna Sorenson

Anna Sorenson

Insurance Specialist / Office Assistant

A graduate of Stevens Henagar Business College, Anna has spent the majority of her career in accounts payable and receivable. Anna joined the TurningLeaf team in 2009 to help the front desk and was quickly promoted to also work with billing and insurance portion of the company. Anna does an outstanding job navigating the "red tape" of the insurance industry and in turn furthers the mission of the company. Contact her here with any billing or insurance questions. Anna enjoys spending time with her family. She has a loving husband and four children.

Annette Carstens

Annette T. Carstens

Case Manager / Office Assistant

Searching for a fresh start, Annette moved to St. George from northern Utah in 2006. After graduating from all Four of TurningLeaf's Emotional Growth Seminars, Annette discovered the fresh start she was looking for as she identified the unique value in her life. Her realistic outlook on life and good listening skills assist her and those around her to be accountable for their choices and actions, all while keeping a smile. Trained at Salt Lake Community College in Office and Clerical Work, Annette keeps everyone at TurningLeaf organized and the clients satisfied. Annette has been a great asset to the Substance Abuse program as she keeps each case current and works to stay compliant with court and state regulations. Contact her here to set up an appointment for any substance abuse related issue. In her spare time, Annette enjoys curling up with something to read or spending time with her family.

Leah Krispin

Leah Krispin

Event Facilitator / Value Based Life Coach
Seminar Coordinator / Team Leader

Looking to relieve her emotional pain and discomfort, Leah turned to TurningLeaf Emotional Growth Seminars in 2008. Leah found strength, and courage to continue on her journey, and now is passionate with helping others to do the same. The beginning of 2013, Leah officially became apart of the Seminar team as a Seminar Coordinator. In between Seminars, Leah enjoys being part of the office staff, and assisting in adult and teen workshops and teaching our parenting classes.

Originally a California girl, Leah, moved to the St. George area with her family while in high school. She later returned to Dixie State University to complete her education. She fell in love with the red rocks, great people, and community. She couldn't think of a better place to raise her three sons. Leah enjoys being involved with her boys sports, the Utah landscape, and spending time with her boys, family, and friends.

Pou Wright

Anaseini Liumeitupou Wright (aka Pou Wright)

Program Director of CHOICE program
Value Based Life Coach
Team Leader - Teen Seminars

Anaseini Liumeitupou Wright, or Pou (pronounced, "Bo”)

Pou earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. However, her true passion for the past 20 years has always been working with at-risk youth in and out of residential treatment facilities. She began as a youth worker, working her way into the position of Residential/Program Director at two different times before becoming the Program Director for the CHOICE program. Pou is also a Value Based Parenting Coach, an Emotional Growth Seminar staff member, and a Mandt Certified trainer (2004-2005).

Pou's passion for helping people realize their value and worth has brought hope and direction to those she has mentored, inspiring many to see the value in shifting the direction of their lives. Her solid work ethic, integrity and fierce commitment to strong leadership is evident in her ability to create and empower strong teams who bring out the best in themselves and those they work with. Pou knows that those who are working to better themselves and their relationships, this dedication shows up in the work they do.

Pou loves the challenge that comes along with working with at-risk youth. Some of her favorite quotes are, "find your value from within," and "unconditional love can only be experienced when you have unconditional acceptance of self first." Her loyalty and commitment to the team and her desire to move forward create a strong foundation for Pou to bring stability and care to the CHOICE program. Pou is an advocate for kids and understands the importance of their voice being heard. Her open and accepting attitude encourages those around her to let go, be who they are, and have fun learning.

Pou is known for her laugh - she laughs easily and loudly and her enthusiasm is contagious. She sees the interesting and fun aspects of life, showing the youth that finding the positive in situations can shift perspectives and make their whole journey more enjoyable. "You work hard, you play hard," is a motto Pou shares with the kids and lives by example. By following through on her own advice, Pou inspires kids to be accountable for following through on the things they say they will do also.

Pou has a unique ability to relate to the kids she works with, drawing upon her own childhood and young adulthood experiences. Born in San Mateo, California and raised in San Bruno, California, Pou is the youngest in a family of three brothers and one sister. Pou values being a mom and is an example of strength and dedication to her four beautiful children.