In 2005, TurningLeaf Wellness Center was formed. A commitment made to provide quality, affordable treatment with the best interest of individuals in mind was the motivation to open a multipurpose center which provides a variety of services. There are three areas to the company (Mental Health, Substance Abuse and TurningLeaf Seminars). All areas share the same mission and create TurningLeaf Wellness Center as a whole.

Dean Nixon

CEO /President
Event Facilitator & Life Coach

Dean has a remarkable ability to connect with people and puts his heart and soul into making each session and event a life-enhancing journey. With more than 20 years’ experience in the mental health and addiction industry, Dean guides individuals in a safe, non-judgmental environment. His attitude helps create balance, provides personal development, and serves as a catalyst for success, growth, and healing. Read More…

Kate Semmens

Value Based Life Coach

Kate has worked in the mental health industry for 11 years. Her career has included parent coaching, helping families manage crisis in the home, facilitating youth groups and teen mentorship. She earned a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications from Dixie State University and loves putting her education to use in our venues, especially Monday Night Live, with her mentor Dean Nixon.

Kate is a vivacious, charismatic lover of life with a big heart. She loves connection and communication and holds space for everyone she comes in contact with.

Sydney Walden

Sydney Walden

Business Manager
Seminar Coordinator

Sydney was first introduced to TurningLeaf in 2010 when she participated in our Emotional Growth Seminars as a teenager. She understands first hand how important and valuable TurningLeaf’s mission is, and is grateful to now be apart of it. Sydney attended Dixie State University for Business Management and is the Business Manager here at TurningLeaf, as well as our Emotional Growth Seminar Coordinator.

Sydney has a very gregarious and kind personality. Her direct and loving approach makes people feel understood and heard. She loves getting to know the clients that come through TurningLeaf, and enjoys the connections she is able to make. Sydney’s goal is to make clients feel taken care of and valued as they go through their TurningLeaf journey.